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Hair Follicle Testing

Everything You Need To Know About A Hair Follicle Drug Test

A hair follicle drug test is one of the newer types of drug testing available and is quickly becoming the preferred drug testing for employers, as well as court-ordered probation testing. Hair testing allows for detection of drugs of abuse; substances like marijuana, cocaine, opiates, barbiturates and many other types of drugs. Hair drug testing with a positive result can determine if a person has ingested drugs in the past 90 days. This detection window can show a pattern of drug use.

DOT/Non-DOT Drug Testing

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The 5-panel drug test is the most common type of drug test available for individuals and employers. Employers looking to institute a reliable drug testing program, a 5-panel drug test is an excellent option, as they are commonly used by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and other Federal testing.  For random drug testing, the 5-panel drug test is often utilized. 

Five panel drug screens check for the following substances:

  • Marijuana/Cannibals (THC)

  • Cocaine (COC)

  • Opiates (OPI)

  • Amphetamines (AMP)

  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

The 5-panel drug test is available as a Lab-based test or as an instant/rapid drug test (POCT).

The 5-panel drug test is also used for most non-regulated companies. It is available for rapid testing with same day results at our location.

For probation testing often the 5-panel test is ordered as a 5-panel drug screen plus alcohol. 

Our certified collectors adhere to the strictest industry standards to ensure a secure chain of custody and we conduct all our testing services with speed, confidentiality, and with accuracy in mind. Whether you need, random testing, court-admissible results, or DOT-certified procedures, you can rely on us for accurate results, fast.


Instant Drug Testing

15 Minutes

Non-DOT & DOT Drug Screening
Please ensure you are hydrated before your appointment.
Upon arrival, please have proper identification and authorization code prepared.

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