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Comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Testing for Athletes


Whether you are an individual athlete, the manager of a sports organization, the high school sports director, or the coach of a team, you may require athletic drug testing at some point. Drug and alcohol testing is not only important in ensuring fair play, but it can also be a critical element in allowing a specific player to compete, especially for high school and college-aged student-athletes.

MedFusion Inkk offers comprehensive drug and alcohol testing for athletes. We strive to provide the fastest, most accurate results available and can even help you design and implement a random drug testing program for your team. We offer a full range of drug and alcohol testing methods to suit your specific needs, and we work hard to ensure your complete comfort throughout the process.

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We regularly assist athletes, coaches, schools, sports directors, and others with routine drug and alcohol testing, as well as testing for banned substances like steroids. Our certified collectors have years of experience conducting a wide variety of tests specifically geared toward athletes.


Our complete athletic testing services include:

  • Background checks for athletes

  • Urinalysis drug and alcohol testing

  • Breath alcohol tests

  • Skin, sweat, nail, and saliva tests

  • Panel drug tests

  • Steroid testing services

  • Blood Pressure Check & Pulse

  • Height & Weight

  • And more!


MedFusion Inkk makes athletic testing easy, offering a full range of testing methods in our clean lab facility. We can even come to you with our mobile, on-site athletic testing.


At Medfusion Inkk, we understand that the results of your athletic drug test are important. In many cases, the results will determine if you or your team member will be allowed to play. Because of this, we take your athletic test seriously. Our highly-trained certified collectors take the utmost care to ensure proper sample isolation and avoid any contamination.


We work diligently to prevent sample manipulation in our efforts to provide you with highly accurate results. In most cases, the results of your athletic drug or alcohol test are available within a matter of minutes, though we do recommend additional testing for any non-negative test results as we do have an outside lab to send specimens to for an additional charge. We are able to test for a wide range of illegal and banned substances, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, steroids, PCP, and more.

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